Know Before Creating a Blog!

Know first before you want to create a new blog or site! There are many important points that beginner bloggers should know.
Here are some things you should know before creating a blog, among them

Hi friends, do you just want to start blogging? Admin, there is a little experience that you can probably know before creating a blog so that you won't be disappointed with one of these useful activities.

Why do I say useful? Blogging is a place where you can share knowledge, or experience with the visitors or readers of your blog. A lot of bloggers are disappointed with this blogging activity, on average they complain about the results that do not match what they have been doing.

It is very important that you know, and I may have said in a previous post that you can not use this blogging as your main job. In addition to taking a lot of time, the income you will get is not much compared to the time, knowledge, or experience that you share.

So for those of you who want to start blogging simply because of the lure of friends who say the income from blogging is promising, you should leave! Nothing is instant, you need effort and hard work to get what you want. Never force any activity if you feel you are not in the field and do not like it.

Here are some things you should know before creating a blog, among them

Takes a lot of time

Before starting to create a blog, you should ask yourself what is the purpose and motivation to start blogging. If your goal is just to make a lot of money from blogging then I can say sorry, because blogging is not one of the promising jobs.

However, if you aim to express yourself, share knowledge or knowledge in writing, you should continue. Because most bloggers today only think about their income which eventually only makes them disappointed lately and decide to leave their blog just like that.

It takes a lot of time and hard work to grow an audience (loyal readers). Of course, it will be very disappointing if we spend a lot of time but no visitors or readers. But here's the fact, you can't expect more from your hard work in just one time, at least you have to be consistent and not think about income first.

Blogging Is Not Free!

All blogger platforms are not free, be it WordPress, Blogger, Medium, and Tumblr. It can be completely free, but there are restrictions in monitoring or controlling the blog so that it does not allow you to freely express yourself in the blogging world.

Examples of blogging needs that on average need money are Domain, Hosting, Theme, Plugins, and other related. If you need a site with your own server it is good to choose a VPS or at least hosting so that the blog can be managed entirely by you. I have some tips in choosing hosting for beginners, you can try these suggestions.

Maybe you will spend more to start this blogging activity for the first time. The average program that bloggers do to improve the quality of blogs is usually

  • Advertising, Marketing Promotion
  • Hiring Another Writer
  • Upgrade Web Hosting
  • Design Customization
  • and others.

Start Defining a Blog Niche

It is very important to determine the niche of the blog for how your blog will continue in the future, a clear niche will certainly be liked by visitors or readers. You have to think about how to blog to stand out and get a lot of visits and most importantly to choose a niche that suits the field that you master.

Create a targeted blog that is by defining a niche, a good blog will obviously produce a good topic as well. The field that you master will later help readers when they have difficulty understanding the content of the blog, or want to ask about the content you write.

The Importance of Socializing

It is not enough to just write and create content, but you are also required to socialize often, whether it is from the community or to readers/visitors. Especially if your blog is relatively new, try to imagine how search engines can crawl your site? Of course with socialization, everything can be overcome.

Good socialization can certainly affect the quality of the blog because the help of fellow bloggers, or frequent promotion of content to social media will certainly make your blog crowded.

Learn about Search Engine Optimization

Learning to understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is difficult, in addition to the fact that Google's algorithm changes often, SEO also has many important points that you must know and apply in every article that will be published.

If you want to more easily understand what is SEO? Please can you see my article in the Guide to Writing SEO Friendly and Quality Articles. because there I have explained in detail a good understanding of SEO.

Learn About Copyright

How and what will you do if the article that you have worked hard and then picked up by another blog? From here you should be able to protect your own content including images that you have designed in such a way.

There are so many ways to be a copaser, be it AGC, or relying on feeds. So I suggest to search often and find out how to solve it yourself without having to use the help of others.

Good Design Is A Must

It is important for you to know, blog design can also affect the reading interest of visitors. Poor design will certainly give the first impression that destroys the interest of reading, so make sure the design of the blog is clear that visitors can navigate easily.

Most visitors or readers prefer a simple blog but rich in knowledge, if you can make your blog as interesting as possible without having to throw away important pages on the blog such as Sitemap, Privacy Policy, Contact, and Terms of Service.

In conclusion, make sure before you want to create a blog you have thought about it carefully. Because blogging is not an activity that you can use as your main job, especially if you expect it to be instantaneous. It is impossible to get maximum results in just a few moments.

Maybe that's the first article from Know Before Creating a Blog, if you have any questions or maybe there are additional points, please comment. Hopefully with this article can help you who will start blogging. Thank you.