Google Adsense PIN Not Coming? Take Action Immediately

August 21, 2021

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So what if the Google Adsense PIN does not come? To answer this question, please read the following review to the end.

One of the steps, before you can get paid from a blog or Youtube, is PIN verification. So what if the Google Adsense PIN does not come? To answer this question, please read the following review to the end.

As we know, if the balance has reached $10, Google requires the publisher to upload an ID photo as a condition of address verification. After that, to be able to receive payment we must fill in a PIN consisting of 6 digits.

But, the problem is that many publishers do not receive Adsense letters even though they have been requested. This is of course very disadvantageous, as ad impressions will stop once the verification limit has expired. It's a big loss, right? Especially if the traffic is going up.

Google Adsense PIN Solution Not Coming

For India, Google sends mail from Mumbai. Logically, delivery should be able to arrive within 2 weeks and a maximum of 1 month because the distance between the two countries is not too far.

But, if during that time the Google Adsense PIN does not come, what is the solution? At least, based on personal experience there are three things to do.

Pick up at the Post Office

The first solution if the Adsense PIN does not come is to come directly to the nearest post office according to the address listed on the ID card. Typically, a lot of Google mail piles up on the courier's desk, some even from two years ago. So, maybe one of those stacks is yours.

If you want to go to the post office, just tell CS or the security guard to pick up the Adsense letter. Later will be directed to the warehouse without having to queue.

Well, what if there are no results yet? Try giving your phone number to the courier or post office. Please call when the letter has arrived.

Request PIN Up to 3 Times

The next solution if your Google Adsense PIN does not reach home in 2 weeks, you can request a new one. All you have to do is click "Request New PIN" or "Resend PIN" on the main page of the Adsense dashboard.

After the specified time has passed and still has not arrived, click again "Request New PIN". Do this every 2 weeks until a notification appears to fill out the form.

Manual Verification Without PIN

After three requests, Google recommends manual verification. Compared to using a PIN, this is much easier because you only need to fill out a form consisting of the Publisher ID, personal data, and photo ID (can also be scanned).

For those who don't know, here's how to verify your Adsense PIN using your ID card:

  • Open the Google Adsense dashboard and click the three lines in the upper left corner.
  • Select Payments, click Manage Settings and customize the payment profile with the appropriate data on your ID card.
  • Then visit the following link
  • Fill in all available fields such as Name, Email Address, Publishing ID, and Attachment (Photo ID)
  • Finally please click Submit.

Google will send verification data via email. Usually the time it takes to get a reply is about 1 hour. If it's more than 2 hours, there may be a problem with the data you attached. So, before sending make sure all the data is correct.

The point is not to get the notification, "Your ad unit isn't showing ads because your address (PIN) has not been verified." Because in addition to affecting revenue, in some cases this also reduces blog traffic.

This is a powerful solution that you can do if the Google Adsense PIN does not come. So, the bottom line is don't rely too much on PINs. You can perform manual verification if the PIN does not reach home in 3 months.